Therapy System

Our Solution Is Simple… Spend less time on documentation and more time on therapy.

Streamline Your Documentation Time

Our web application allows an affordable and simple method of entry of your data to be stored safely and securely on our cloud system.  No more waiting to get back to the office;  work on the go or from anywhere internet is available to speed up your documentation time.


Amerapeutic EMR System Features:

* PT, OT, SLP Charting

* Evaluations

* Multiple Test Formats

* Visit Tracking

* Assign Grades for IFSP, IPP & IEP Formats

* Demographics Entry & Monitoring

* Note Charting & Monitoring

* Electronic Signatures w/ Record Locking

* Scheduling

* Plus Multiple Electronic Reports

Amerapeutic Integrated Billing with EMR

No more checking and double checking to count up all the evals and visits, just to re-key into other billing system, as this data automatically flows into our billing module. This method establishes more accuracy and efficiency for billing, saving you time while you capture your reimbursement.

Amerapeutic Billing System Features:

* Easy Charge Generation Based off of Visits & Evals, Charted by Therapists

* Bill Group Therapy, Group Training, IFSP’S,IPP’S, IEP’S and Mileage

* Electronic Claim Submission

* Invoicing For School Pay & Private Pay

* Plus Multiple Electronic Reports



For less than $ 2.00 a day you can start putting our Amerapeutic Therapy System to work for you.

Contact us today at 1-800-451-5351 for complete details.